Breaking Wake Records to show #itaintweaktospeak

Sunday the 14th of May, 2017 was Mother’s Day in Australia. For one Gold Coaster, Matt Curran (aka Max Carrot), the day was spent by wakeboarding continuously for 10 hours at the Gold Coast Wake Park. In doing this, not only did Matt set a new Guinness World Record, smashing the previous record of 6 hours and 42 minutes, but he also managed to raise a few thousand dollars for the Australian charity Livin.

Livin is doing great things in raising awareness about mental health issues, especially in young men. Their motto #itaintweaktospeak aims to reduce the stigma surrounding conditions like depression, stigma which can prevent people from discussing their problems.

Livin was started in response to the suicide of Dwayne Lally, who was a friend of Matt’s. “He was just such a happy and friendly guy, nobody really saw it coming” Matt tells Liam from The Roaming Pharmacist.

Unfortunately what happened to Dwayne is not unique, and in Australia suicide is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-44. By encouraging people to open up about their personal battles and talk it out, there is hope that this rate can reduce.

Matt admits that “up until recently, I wasn’t the type of guy that spoke about my feelings. I’d bottle them up until, eventually, I would get down. Really down. In hindsight, if i wasn’t lucky to have the people around me that love me like they do, I could have so easily been part of this statistic.”

Matt reflects on a particularly dark period in his life where in 2011 he had attempted suicide. “I was so down about things that had happened, and felt so alone that I got to the point where I sat in my car on Mt Tambourine with a hose going from the exhaust to the cab.”

At that point Matt says he was ready to give it all away, but as he sat there, thoughts of family kept going through his head. He remembered how his Mum had told him “Matt, if anything was to happen to you, I don’t think I could live without you” and this gave him the strength to not give up. 

“I’m glad I remembered how much my family loves me and that I realised how much easier it is to get over problems by talking them out.” Matt says it’s taken him a while to get to this point and that although he can still get better at it, he now has some good mates that he knows he can speak to when he needs. “I hopes that if this message resonates with anyone that’s feeling down, lost or alone, it can inspire them to speak up too.”



If you’re battling with your mental health, and do not know where to turn, in Australia you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Click here to donate directly to Livin

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