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Earlier this year Liam teamed up with the Perth Wake Park to spark a novel health initiative. The basic premise was to initiate a non-judgemental conversation with staff members about their physical, mental and sexual health and see if there are any recommendations or referrals that can be made to improve their well being. These staff members are predominantly young and physically active individuals. Although they’re not really recognised as an at-risk group, the assumption was made that because of their lifestyles and what they do for fun they deal with some degree of physical and mental stress, like most of us do.

Rather than relying on them to seek out help, which may or may not readily happen, by taking a proactive approach there is the opportunity to seize potential interventions to reduce the risk of problems escalating or continuing to be ignored.

With this kind of proactive approach, we believe that the pharmacy profession can reach its potential in engaging young people in their health and promoting positive interventions and health outcomes.
Earlier this year The Roaming Pharmacist had an article published in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy putting forward our case as to why we believe the pharmacy industry should support pill testing at festivals.

Despite the potential benefits this initiative has in being able to reduce the harms associated with recreational drug use, one massive benefit for the profession is that it provides a platform to engage with young people and open up these kind of proactive and productive discussions relating to mental health and physical wellbeing.

Thanks to Matt from WAPSA for assisting with the consults, the Perth Wake Park team for being involved and Josh from Slingshot Australia for putting the wheels in motion. Riders featured in the video are Christian, Marco and Corban and credit to Bec for letting us use snippets of the consult. Thanks also to Nelipot for letting us use their tune.

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